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Online Marketing Campaigns

We have been delivering successful online marketing services to small businesses and organizations since 1998

Your Success is Our Success

We run your marketing campaign as if it were our own.

Content Marketing Strategy

Based on your specific audience, service/product and niche we will compile a content strategy that will capture your audience. We want to convert your traffic to give you the results you need.

Website Optimization

Your website needs to be professionally optimized for meta tags and keyword placement. Landing pages need to be created for certain target groups and/or areas. We take care of all of it for you.

Conversion Optimization

Getting visitors to your website is one thing, but does your website convert them to make a purchase or call you once they are there? We will give you consultation on what to change on your website and/or determine the best strategy for reaching your goals.

Facebook Sponsored Posts/Ads

If you have a new Product/Service or are trying to get your name out there in a new area, Social Media Ads can yield the fastest and best ROI. This strategy puts you in front of your potential customers instead of waiting for them to find you. We can target your specific audience, demographics and more with Ads that drive traffic and convert leads for max results.

Keyword and Audience Research

Knowing your audience and the keywords they use to look for your services/product is one of the most important aspects of a Online Marketing Campaign. Targeting the right or wrong keywords and audience can make or break a online marketing campaign. Let the pros handle this part for you.

Social Media Posting & Management

This can tie into the Content Marketing Strategy we create. What you say and how you say it on your social networks, landing pages and Ads is what drives your brand. People need to recognize you as a unique provider and understand what it is you are selling/providing.

Successful Because We Care

As a Christian Online Marketing Company, we run your marketing campaign as if it were our own. We sincerely care about our client’s success online and our strategic efforts are based on working with you to further Gods kingdom along with your company or ministry. We have been delivering successful Online marketing services to small businesses and organizations since 1998. Whether you’re looking for a local or national online marketing campaign, we have the experience and skills to deliver strategic results. When we say that, we mean a continual increase in a flow of traffic and delivery of tangible goals. We are successful and make you successful because we care. Also, our strategic online marketing solutions are fully customized and built around your specific goals and market.

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