I’ve recently had a few people ask me why or if they should still pursue Email Marketing. After doing some research for myself and based on the experience I’ve had with Email marketing here are some excellent reasons why Email Marketing should most certainly be one of the key priorities in any Marketing Strategists to-do list.
Today it’s pretty hard to find anyone who does not have a email account. Also the majority of account holders have had it for a long time, (most of us still have our Hotmail or yahoo accounts from 15 years ago) making it highly unlikely that they will ever let it go.
Account holders may reduce the time they spent on email but it doesn’t have the abandon rate that most of the social networks (ie. Facebook, Twitter) have.
Most all basic business communications are done via email not via social networks. The idea being that it’s more secure, private and user friendly (centralized contacts, integrates with calendar, easily accessible via mobile devices).
Another benefit of email is that it’s a direct private channel of communication to alert customers on new product offerings or promotions. At the same time, customers can use e-mail to provide feedback and ask questions.
If you do things right, you will be kept away from the spam folder and earn a permanent spot in the Inbox not the Junk Folder.
Focus on delivering high value content at the right time, with the proper frequency using attractive subjective lines that encourage clicks and forwards.
Building your email list should still be all marketers’ top priority. Give people a reason to subscribe and to remain subscribed is the ongoing art and science of email marketing. Keep in mind that when a customer or prospect willingly gives you their email address, they’re basically saying “I like you, what you have to offer and I want to learn more. I not only expect, but look forward to hearing from you soon.” So getting someone’s explicit permission to communicate is marketing gold.
Social media marketing also requires permission. When a customer “Likes” a brand on Facebook or a donor “Follows” an organization on Twitter, they’re giving permission to communicate.
Christian Internet can help you combine your Email Marketing with your Social Media Marketing see our Presentation on that. By sending out Newsletters with High Value content that gets your clients interested, they can easily share what they’ve found on all of their Social Networks with the click of a button. Forwarding the email is still as easy as ever. This will send that High Value content out to new Perspective Customers as well. You’ll be growing your Customer base and at the same time making your current Clients/Customers feel important.
It’s best when you can get someone to opt-in to email and connect through one or more social channels. That’s because email is still the best way to get your message heard and social media is the best way to get your message spread.
E-mail marketing allows you to build a solid mailing list that reflects quality over quantity. It empowers you to reach your most faithful and valuable customers and build stronger relationships with them over time. That powerful, relationship-building aspect of e-mail marketing hasn’t changed.
So overall, Email Marketing is one of the Big 3 ( SEO, Social Media, and Email Marketing) that every Marketer should be working with. It builds your Customer relationships, makes your high value content and sales easy to share, thus bringing in potential customers through the spreading of your message and creating repeat business all at the same time.

Cheers ,

Josh Hallahan